about mayanjali


It all started wITH A DREAM...

I am a traveler.

On a yoga sabbatical in 2003 I learned the power of food. While trying to live the true yogic life, I found my way to an Ashram in India and lived with a family who taught me the ritual of making the morning meal. The preparation taught me how to make simple traditional meals.

Food is seen as communal and rich in custom; the rite of practice. A time to slow down and be conscious of what we consume; recognizing the energy we create.

A whole new universe opened up to me of how important food was.

My practice had been getting on a mat in order to reawaken the body and energy. With this experience, I began to awaken to the energy of food.

This was the dream... to share that awakening with the community in Key West and beyond. 

In the progression of this yogic life, I have found my Dharma. My life’s purpose. Transforming simple ingredients into foods that heal your body, mind and nourish the soul. 

I am extremely blessed to share this with others.

- Sofia


The name

My beautiful twin daughters, Maya & (Adele) Anjali, are the inspiration for the name 'Mayanjali'. They bring light & happiness into the world & have shown my partner, Jana, & me the power of love. 


About sofia 

Sofia Artola has been teaching yoga for 18 years. She is a graduate of the Sai Ayurvedic College and Wellness Center & has an Associate Degree in Vedic Studies. A native of Nicaragua, Sofia has been an island resident of Key West, Florida for over 30 years.

In 2005 Sofia started Shakti Yoga & five years later she moved Shakti to the current location at 1114 White St. In 2015 she expanded the space & launched Mayanjali Cafe & Boutique. Mayanjali has recently grown to include nourishing meals, specialty dinners & cooking classes.

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  'when you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy'
- rumi